How Travelling & Gold Dust Come Together

After having travelled the world by sea and land for many years Verena, a German trained goldsmith now based in Vancouver BC, draws most of her inspiration from the places she has seen, the cultures she has learned about and the people she has met along the way.

All of Verena’s pieces reflect in some way a part of her life. May that be one of those travel memories, a time period in her life or everyday life situations. Every piece she creates contains a little part of her… like wandering the ancient streets of historic sites in the Mediterranean, which inspired pieces using ancient Roman coins. Or that road trip along the Fraser River when she and her partner panned for gold and found garnets instead, which are now used in her Treasures of the Fraser Collection. Life inspires her and any day spent with her hands dirty and covered in gold and silver dust, using old traditional goldsmithing techniques to preserve yet another memory in the shape of a piece of jewelry, is a good day.